Molton Brown Gingerlily Mini Candle


Molton Brown Gingerlily Mini Candle

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Envelop your serene sanctuary in alluring notes of ginger, peach and tuberose with this Single Wick Candle. Expertly crafted and finished with a cotton-blend wick and a touch of London spark, our scented candles kindle an inviting glow in any room.

Top notes of ginger, cardamom and peach.
A heart of tuberose and plum.
A base of cedarwood, musk and sandalwood.

London via Tahiti
Black sands slipping into a Polynesian lagoon. Delicate ginger lilies peek through the foliage. Fragrant spices perfuming the breeze. Entice your wanderlust with an escape to Tahitian shores.

Exotic. Alluring. Escapist.

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