Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol


Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol

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A nightly retinoid made for just about everyone, that does just about everything: improves the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, pores, dark spots, and uneven tone and texture, all while nourishing skin.

  • It’s formulated with 0.5% pro-retinol in the form of Retinyl Sunflowerate—an innovative hybrid of pure retinol and sunflower seed fatty acids that gives you the benefits of a retinoid with fewer of the usual downsides (irritation, dryness, peeling, etc…)

  • Stevia Leaf Extract supports the pro-retinol in helping to smooth the look of skin, specifically working on the fine lines. It’s one of many plant-based retinol alternatives you can find in nature

  • Whether you’re new to retinoids, or a seasoned pro, we designed this one for you. You get hardworking ingredients (and serious results!), balanced with a creamy texture and nourishing, plant-based humectants (like Glycerin and Mondo Grass Root Extract) that make the formula easier for all skin types to handle

  • In our clinical studies, Universal Pro-Retinol was universally loved. After 4 weeks of use: 100% of testers said their skin looks and feels renewed, smoother, softer, more radiant, and visibly transformed

  • If you want to learn more about retinoids, what exactly they can do for your skin, and how to fit one into your routine, you can read up

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