Glossier Monochromes Mist


Glossier Monochromes Mist

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What it is: A refillable monochromatic eyeshadow trio in three essential finishes—so when you reach for your signature shade, you’ve got options!


  • The three buildable finishes—matte, satin, and metallic—offer a range of intensity and can be used alone or together for monochromatic dimension

  • Matte is a rich, smooth, and versatile option; satin has a soft, delicate sheen; and metallic has a hint of sparkle for a dreamy, shimmery effect

  • Choose from an edited wardrobe of 10 essential shades—inspired by colors found in nature (elements of our gardens and backyards that we wish we could wear)—that are vegan and formulated without talc, with minimal fallout and creasing after you apply

  • Each tin compact is refillable, reusable, and recyclable—to refill, just pop your finished trio out and swap with a fresh one! P.S. Comes with a handy, removable mirror (with our favorite affirming daily reminder 🙂 ) that’s perfect for midday makeup touch-ups

  • Mist is a cool lilac

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