DIOR Forever Couture Perfect Cushion Mitzah Edition 1N


DIOR Forever Couture Perfect Cushion Mitzah Edition 1N

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24-hour wear foundation – moisturizing – luminous matte and glow finishes – infused with floral skincare

Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse and friend, introduced the leopard print into Dior’s couture identity, a pattern she would wear in her innately chic way with dazzling allure, and which greatly inspired the designer’s creations. Today, Dior pays a new tribute to this style icon.

Adorned with the Dior leopard print, the Mitzah limited edition comes in 2 foundation finishes: luminous matte and intense glow. Still just as travel-friendly and in a refillable format, Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion is the ultimate couture accessory.

Day after day, the foundation offers a flawless complexion and 24-hour* wear, while delivering freshness and lasting hydration to the skin. The complexion is smooth and even, and the skin’s texture appears refined.

Infused with wild pansy flower, this Dior foundation protects the skin and improves the quality of the complexion.

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