Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream 50ml


Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream 50ml

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With LA CRÈME MAIN, CHANEL reinterprets a timeless step to meet the expectations of today’s women.
Singular and innovative, its design was thought like a true handbag accessory. The packaging maintains its shape and was made to protect the formula. An on-the-go format so irresistible that seeing it, is wanting it!
With LA CRÈME MAIN Texture Riche, dedicated to dry and delicate hands, the cream’s action gets more intense. A complete hand and nail care product, ultra-nourishing thanks to its formula enriched with shea butter. Its unctuous, enveloping, non-sticky and fast-absorbing texture leaves hands soft and delicately perfumed with a floral fruity scent upon application.

Its enriched texture soothes sensations of dryness and tightness upon application. Hands are intensely nourished, restored, soft, supple and recover lasting comfort to withstand cold weather.
Used daily, LA CRÈME MAIN Texture Riche reinforces nails and softens cuticles. Hands are optimally prepared for a manicure.


* Self-evaluation immediately after application on 22 women.
** Clinical test after 2 months of application on 21 women.


Two complementary ingredients are at the heart of the formula: May rose wax and Iris pallida extract, and shea butter completes the formula.

May rose floral wax, from which the flower is exclusively grown by CHANEL in Grasse, softens the skin by forming a protective layer that locks in moisture.

Iris pallida extract enriches LA CRÈME MAIN Texture Riche with its brightening properties.

Shea butter, highly concentrated in fatty acids, completes LA CRÈME MAIN Texture Riche’s action thanks to its nourishing properties.

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