Bomb Cosmetic OMG Babe-Glow Up Range


Bomb Cosmetic OMG Babe-Glow Up Range

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Welcome the ultimate bath time duo- the Glow up range! Create a gorgeous sensory bath chill, a bath bomb and candle is all you’ll need! Tune into your senses, listen to the fizzing of the bath bomb as it hits the water, swishing your hands in the soft, warm pool releasing its aromatic properties. Simultaneously lighting the paired candle revealing more fragrance to the nose and enjoy the glow of the flame crackling away as you sink into your tub. Now, which one will you choose?

A rare creature, crowned with a swirl of skin softening natural butters to gently kiss you into a magical world of sweet scents. With pure Ylang Ylang & Jasmine pure essential oils to leave you feeling unique!

Combined with a candle jammed with the scent of raspberry smoothie- ripe berries and sweet vanilla, a taste of heaven.

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