Body Shop Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector


Body Shop Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector 100ml

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Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector gets you one step closer to baby soft feet. If you’re faced with hard, rough skin and heels then it’s time to give your feet a rich, hydrating treat.Enriched with pure hemp seed oil and rich in essential fatty acids, our Hemp Foot Protector provides blissful moisture for your hard-working feet. It helps to soothe and soften ultra-dry feet with 24 hours of heavy-duty hydration. So jump out of those socks, kick up your heels and slather it on for all-day nourishment.

  • Luxurious foot moisturiser
  • Enjoy 24hrs of heavenly hydration
  • Helps smooth ultra-dry feet
  • Enriched with hemp seed oil
  • Dermatologically tested

How to Use

  • After a long day, kick up your feet and give them a gentle massage with our Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector before bed.
  • Be sure to smooth it over those extra dry bits, giving them a boost of moisture.


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