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Bomb Cosmetics Naughty Cool Watercolours


Watercolours are designed to look more handmade, less ornate and slightly less polished, to emphasise and highlight their natural handmade credentials! Submerge …

Bomb Cosmetics Over The Rinbow Bath Blaster 160g


Pop this Blaster in your bath and prepare for a euphoric experience! Watch as a tranquil turquoise colour spreads across your bath, …

Bomb Cosmetics Parrot-Dise Bath Blaster


Fill your bath with a dragonfruit & papaya fragrance and let this parrot bath blaster take you under its cocoa and shea …

Bomb Cosmetics Sweetie Pie Bath Blaster


“One of my absolute favourites, the smell is so divine and sweet and it makes my skin feel so amazingly moisturised afterwards!” …

Dirty Works Cube Tropicana Bath Bar Fizzer


What?s better than one bath bomb? One you can use multiple times duh! Bring your bath to life with a fruity-fabulous bath …