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Bomb Cosmetics Can’t Touch This! Blaster


Feeling prickly in the heat of the day? This Bath Blaster is filled with Sandalwood & Ginger essential oils, and piped to …

Bomb Cosmetics Diamonds Are Forever Bath Blaster


Dive deep into the dreamy pastel blue waters, this Blaster is topped with cocoa and shea butter to leave your skin sparkling …

Bomb Cosmetics Fizz the Season Bath Blaster


Celebrate after a long day and pour yourself a bath time cocktail! This Bath Bomb is full of mood boosting Bergamot & …

Bomb Cosmetics Lime Yours Bath Blaster


Pop this Blaster in and watch as it fizzes around the bath, dispersing its lime & grapefruit pure essential oils, creating invigorating …

Bomb Cosmetics Move Over Pavlova Bath Blaster 160g


A fizzy blaster containing a delish combination of raspberry ripple and coconut, piped with cocoa and shea butters which melt and moisturise …