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Dirty Works High & Dry Shower Cap


One size fits all! Outer fabric: 100% polyester Lining fabric: 100% EVA

Ice-cream Bath Sponge


Make a splash while you scrub up. Bath time just got sweeter with the ice lolly sponge. – soft material & texture …

Peachy Hair Wrap


Ideal to use when you’re doing your makeup.

Primark Zebra Ears Headband

RM30.00 RM15.00

Ideal to use for when you are taking your make up off or doing face masks.

PS Beauty Charcoal Bath Sponge


A luxury cleanser for the skin! The Bathtopia Charcoal Bath Sponge is infused with the purifying benefits of charcoal to deeply cleanse …

PS Beauty Minnie Mouse makeup/skin care headband

RM35.00 RM17.50

A cute Minnie-shaped hair band to use while cleansing or taking a shower.