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Bomb Cosmetics Caiperina Soap


Our Handmade Soap contain a vegetable glycerine (so they are suitable for vegetarians). This means are soaps are mild and have a …

Bomb Cosmetics Clouds Over Cairo Soap Cake


How can something this relaxing look so wild!? Like an exotic and exciting holiday, the pure lavender and geranium essential oils will …

Bomb Cosmetics Coco Kitty Soap


Revel in the purr-fect fragrance of ripe raspberries & coconut to leave you feline fine! With coconut & jasmine essential oils, is …

Bomb Cosmetics Cute as a Button Soap Cake Slice


The nostalgic scents of baby powder, combined with pure clary sage and patchouli essential oils to take you to a calmer state …

Bomb Cosmetics Dear Santa Soap


Dear Santa, this year I have been really good! For Christmas, please will you bring me my favourite Bomb Cosmetics products! This …

Bomb Cosmetics U-nicorn Can Do It! Soap


We believe u-nicorn can do it! Don’t ever stop believing in yourself! Sweetly scented with fresh lychee and a heart of Ylang …

Dirty Works Soaps Jar 200g


Dirty Works Soaps are lightly scented and cleanses and moisturises the skin while you’re in the bath. These Dirty Works Soaps come in …

Mrs Bluesky Soap


It’s a beautiful new day, hey hey! Blast the haze away with pure Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils which are known to …

Organic Vegetable Soap Handmade In Italy


Organic Vegetable Soap Handmade In Italy – 10.5 oz Soap Bar

Pocket Full of Rainbows Shower Soap


A sweetly scented shower soap made with skin nourishing Kukui nut oil and soothing Lavender oil. Blow away the dark clouds and …

Sweet Sundae Soap


Do you think your ready for this jelly…baby fragranced soap?! A sweet combination with enough clary sage and bergamot essential oils to …

The Fuzzy Duck Cotswold Floral Luxury Wrapped Soap Set


Whether you want to spruce up your bathroom with some delectable bathing oils, smooth your skin with a luscious body lotion or …